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May, 2020

Walking with the times - Physio Elton and Drashty

As the modern game of football continues to evolve, the role of backroom staff has become highly specialized and demanding. One such role is that of a physiotherapist, it’s a crucial role implementing strategies that can maximize a player’s performance on the field, keeping his fitness intact on and off the field, helping players recover from injuries and the list goes on.

In our previous two articles of Walking with the times, our elite players Shuyal Dholkawala and Tarun Ludhwani shared how they are using the lockdown period to their advantage for recovering from the injuries. In this episode we have with us Dr Elton the first team physiotherapist of India Rush Sports Club and Dr. Drashty Desai from our partner C4 Integrated Wellness, she is currently doing her sports major from Birmingham,UK.

Sports athletes in team sports like football, hockey, and basketball love training outdoor and since the lockdown, their physical activity is impacted. We spoke to Elton on the questions he keeps getting from athletes and also about the online classes. Here we go,

What important factor is required to be considered while training at home?
The player’s immediate objective is to stay fit, work on specific areas weakness or post injury fitness. Since the objective is not to play matches the training regime selection should focus accordingly on strength, speed and technique.

The purpose of the training should be to develop ability to execute optimally the techniques required for the game and prevent avoidable injury for longevity of the performance. It is a combination of stamina, strength, speed, skill and flexibility.

Also it is important to consider the age group and that there has been about 45 days of minimum physical activity.

What would you suggest?
The full-body workout is good for our Elite players. The dynamic routine is focused on the main muscle groups Legs, Core and Upper body. One of the best strikers Sergio Aguero from Manchester City and Argentina has been following a full-body workout into his home training regime,
Sergio Agüero Oficial: Home training ! Kun Aguero

The combination of bodyweight, weights and resistance bands can add or subtract certain exercises as long as you hit the main muscle groups and you don’t need any equipment for it.

  • Single leg squat/lunge (x12, x10, x8 - do both legs!)
  • Modified box step-ups (x12, x10, x8)
  • Press-ups (x12, x10, x8)
  • Box jumps (x12, x10, x8)
  • Shoulder press (x12, x10, x8)
  • Standing band row (x12, x10, x8)
  • Band butterfly pulls (x12, x10, x8)
  • Plank (20 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute)

For the younger players it is advisable for perform training session under supervision.

What are the challenges for training from home?
Self-discipline will not come easy to some."Of course some players are better than others at handling this situation," Jonathan Barnett, agent of Gareth Bale and Stella Group, told AFP. "Players are human beings too and at the moment they're very frustrated."At the moment is important for the players to stay focused on the training and entertained to minimize frustration.

The players are not training or playing on the field so there must have been no injuries.
A lot of articles and videos are available online as to how one can modify exercises limited to our space. Also well known sports personalities have engaged in Instagram live sessions demonstrating what they have been doing, but it is advisable to practice under professional guidance.

One of the main reason people nowadays are getting muscle related problems is because of doing workouts which is not suitable for them or they are not doing it in a right form. It is crucial too do stretching exercises, flexibility is an important factor which many athletes ignore and then later come with problems of soreness spasm tightness etc, so all around development is necessary FSEA= Flexibility Strength Endurance Agility.

Injury rehab is not something which is done unsupervised and without knowledge, please contacts your Physio because they are professionals in this matter. Targeting the right muscle is very important and lot of other factors with it so please to the professionals and let them handle you

Dr. Drashty what are the types of injuries players are reporting?
There have been quite a lot of intrinsic as well as extrinsic injuries even during a lockdown for regular sports players. The most common injuries experienced during this lockdown are ankle sprains, elbow and Achilles tendinitis due to repetitive actions, a grave load of overuse injuries, wrist pain, neck pain are few of those. During this lockdown, these injuries are hard to manage without supervision but where there’s a will there’s always a way. So we as physiotherapists guide them to manage these injuries in a very systematic way and progress to healing with exercises itself guided by Tele-Rehab and it does work wonders at this unfortunate time.

Dr. Elton, what will be the focus in the online session that you will be conducting?
I will be focusing on simple and basic aspects because it is not possible in a group session to monitor everyone and correct them. At present since there is no immediate plan to start the leagues, it will be simple plan focusing on the core areas according to the age groups.

What further care should be taken by the players?
The players are required to take good care of nutrition, hydration and especially sleep which many are ignoring.

The risk of injury is something we really do expect," said Betis doctor Alvarez. "They will never reach the level of a normal training session, that's obvious. It's a strange and completely new situation for everyone" such anxiety is apparent, but do not worry, we’ve got you covered. The practical insight and advice from Dr.Elton and Dr.Drashty will keep you fit and going.

To know more on Fitness and Injury Management during lockdown, you can email your queries to [email protected].
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Article by - Prasad Bhutkar


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