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India Rush wants to create players who, no matter what affiliate they're from, they understand playing games through a specific set of principles. The principles do NOT dictate system of play (formation), rather they state that, no matter what formation we play, we play with the same style and intent. The following five ideologies represent the India Rush Principles of Play:

Play out from the back:

Players will always look to pass the ball from the goalkeeper and defenders into midfield, not just 'kick it forward'.

To play out from the back players need to be composed and technically sound 'on the ball'. They also need the ability to make quick, correct decisions, and be able to play under pressure. The essential qualities are; understanding how to make decisions before receiving the ball, receiving it with an open body shape, and playing firm, accurate passes.

Fast, attacking possession:

Players are encouraged to move the ball quickly and purposefully around the field in an attempt to move the opposition more and create spaces to exploit between and behind opposition players.

To play a fast, attacking possession game players need to make insightful decisions, understanding that they should try and play forwards whenever possible, but also understanding that retention of the ball is more important than forcing a ball which has a low percentage of success. Players need to but technically efficient with both feet, as well as feeling comfortable to receive a ball under pressure of an opponent.

Width and depth in attack:

Players will understand the importance of providing width and depth to an attack, stretching the opposition by retaining shape. Players should understand how to 'fill in' as teammates make attacking runs forward, as well as understanding how to overlap and underlap, in and out of wide areas.

To play with width and depth players need to learn how to constantly scan the field, and have instinctual awareness of where the spaces are opening up as teammates move. Players should also be disciplined in their play and ensure that they do not get 'sucked in' towards the ball/play.

Press the opponent:

Players, particularly attackers and midfielders, will understand their defensive responsibility to try and win the ball as quickly as possible after possession is lost - trying to win possession high up the field. Players should understand how to close space, cut off passing options, and how to make play predictable.

To play a 'pressing' game, players need to have high levels of fitness, determination and desire to win the ball from the opposition. They need to understand how to work as a team to press successfully, forcing the play into a tighter zone where the odds of winning the ball become 50:50.

Maximize soccer IQ:

Players will be 'students of the game'; watching and learning football with open minds to understand why players perform the way they do in specific situations on the field.

Players with a high soccer IQ will be able to tackle more in-game situations with a higher level of success - understanding what options are available before, during and after they have personal possession of the ball. They will play with a confidence from making correct, positive decisions, and will be able to communicate and lead teammates on the field.


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