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May, 2020

Walking with the times - Suhayl Dholkawala

In the second episode of Walking with the times - managing Injury we have Suhayl Dholkawala, one of our Elite players. He has been training with India Rush SC International Elite training program in USA and now in Portugal over the last 7 years.

Hey Suhayl, how was it training in the US and Portugal

After representing for Maharashtra U15, I got the opportunity from India Rush SC to train in Denver Colorado under the guidance of Tim Schulz founder president of Rush Soccer. It was great to train under a former Pro Player and former FIFA WC Coach. The foundation helped me take the next big step to train in the land of Ronaldo, l under the Guidance of Elvis. His experience with football in India, USA and Portugal helped me immensely.

Playing for the Portuguse FA club for few season has really tested my limits. It introduced me to requirements to become a pro player. Also watching Sporting Lisbon, Benfica, Porto etc play in the Stadium, opens up a whole new insight of the game, off the ball, speed, tactics etc which we did not get in India.

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It’s nice to know about your journey. What are you upto now?

The injury I suffered is an anterior dislocation of my left shoulder.  It happened while I was dribbling with the ball and got pushed to the ground, I landed awkwardly with my arm outstretched. When it is dislocation, the pain is terrifying and unbearable but with the support of the doctors, teammates and other well wishers around it has been a less painful journey so far.

How have you been coping with injury relapse.

I had a great preseason and the injury happened in the beginning of the season. So it was disappointing. When you put in all the time and effort to reach somewhere you always wanted to and such a setback happens, it can lower your confidence. But then after sometime as I started my rehabilitation and saw the progress, I have been able to take it in my stride and continue day by day.

How is the professional help bringing about your recovery?

I was following a specific rehabilitation protocol set by my strength and conditioning coach, and I was hitting the gym almost to train with him. However after the lock down as the gyms have closed momentarily, it became tough at first but I have set a schedule with the equipment I have at home in consultation with my trainer. It was tough but as a sports person I am trained to adapt fast.

How would you sum up your recovery process?

The first phase was just letting the tear heal naturally. Second is activation of muscles around the shoulder and posture correction. Then I moved onto stability and strength training. All these phases are not timed. I mean everyone’s body responds differently. So you have to take it one day at a time. It is very important not to rush to a conclusion. Also it is advisable to always seek help of professionals who can monitor these situations better.

How have you been spending your time in this lock down?

I'm doing ball touches in my building space along with band training and body weight exercises. I attend my Portugal University lectures online and doing my assignments. And my yogic practice. This lock down has given me plenty of time to spend with my family, before I head back to Portugal.

Your message to the young guns especially at India Rush Soccer Club and ones reading this

Always look to enhance your capabilities. Even an unfortunate situation, like an injury, can be an opportunity to improve and grow. It just depends on how you respond to it. In life it is very important that you learn to adapt. Be demanding, challenging of your own self and make sure that you do not compare your journey to someone else. Everyone is unique in their own way and should definitely follow their heart.

Thank you Suhayl, we wish you speedy recovery and all the best for your exams. We hope you dream for playing for India comes true.

Friends that was Suhayl for you, showing us how to  keep walking even during challenging times. We will continue to bring you inspiring stories of in the coming episode so, stay tuned and remember, “This too shall pass.”

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If you have used the lock down period creatively to stay on top of your game, you can share your story on [email protected] and we will publish it. Till then stay tuned for the next article.

Article by - Prasad Bhutkar


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