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Jul, 2023

Sanaya's Journey: Thriving with India Rush SC

As an aspiring young player, Sanaya Irani's journey with India Rush SC has been nothing short of extraordinary. Under the expert guidance of TD George Lawrance, she has experienced an incredible soccer adventure, fostering her growth both on and off the field. India Rush SC's training programs have played a pivotal role in helping Sanaya achieve significant milestones, transforming her into a more skilled and confident player.

India Rush SC understands the significance of dedicated training for girls and has gone above and beyond to create a supportive and empowering environment. Sanaya testifies to the club's commitment to providing girls with specialized training, recognizing the unique challenges and opportunities for female players in the sport. Reflecting on her achievements, Sanaya and her father Arman proudly shares the remarkable milestones she has accomplished while playing for India Rush SC.

"India Rush SC extend our heartfelt appreciation to Sanaya and her devoted parents for their unwavering dedication and exceptional efforts, which have been key contributors to her remarkable achievements."

Q: Can you tell us about Sanaya's experience training and playing for India Rush SC?

Sanaya: Training and playing for India Rush SC has been an incredible journey for me. Under the guidance of TD George Lawrance, I have had the opportunity to develop my skills and grow as a player. The club's training programs have helped me achieve significant milestones and become a better player.

Q: How has India Rush SC provided dedicated training for girls?

Sanaya: India Rush SC recognizes the importance of providing dedicated training for girls. The club has created a supportive and empowering environment where girls can thrive and excel in soccer. They understand the unique challenges and opportunities for female players and have tailored their training programs to cater to our specific needs.

Q: Can you share Sanaya's achievements while playing for India Rush SC?

Arman: Sanaya's achievements while playing for India Rush SC have been remarkable. She recently won the Khelo India U17 Maharashtra Championship, showcasing her talent and skills. She has also been part of the Mumbai FA Elite Division team, competing at a high level in official leagues. Additionally, Sanaya has been selected for the U15 India National team camp, which is a testament to her hard work and the training she received at India Rush SC.

Q: How has India Rush SC provided health and wellness guidance?

Arman: India Rush SC goes beyond soccer training and emphasizes the overall health and well-being of its players. The club provides guidance on nutrition, fitness, and injury prevention to ensure that players maintain optimal physical condition. They prioritize our well-being and help us understand the importance of taking care of our bodies for peak performance on the field.

Q: How does India Rush SC provide a safe and secure environment for girls?

Arman: As parents, our utmost concern is the safety and security of our daughter. India Rush SC has gone above and beyond to create a safe and secure environment for girls. From well-maintained facilities to trained staff, the club ensures that girls feel comfortable and protected while pursuing their passion for soccer. This allows us, as parents, to have peace of mind knowing that our daughter is in a secure environment.

Sanaya and her father's testimonial showcases the exceptional training and opportunities provided by India Rush SC for girls. The club's dedication to dedicated training programs, the achievement of significant milestones, the emphasis on health and wellness, and the provision of a safe and secure environment have helped Sanaya flourish as a player. India Rush SC's commitment to the holistic development of female players sets them apart, making it an ideal platform for young girls to pursue their soccer dreams with confidence and support.


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