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Jun, 2022

Nothing succeeds like success

Nothing succeeds like success, it is said. The question though is what's next, is success the end of the journey or it is a journey? For us, at Rush, the answer lies in our slogan - 
where the trails of passion and purpose meet, begins the path to victory. It is a journey set out with purpose and fueled with passion.

Picture this, a must-win league match for our MFA 1st Div team to qualify for the playoff, four players reporting Covid positive, two players prematurely ending their season, and a yellow card to take care of. Well, that’s where passion meets purpose; the team win’s the match convincingly 3:1. The success of what happens off the field before the match leads to success on the pitch. The success on the pitch will lead us to prepare for a renewed passion to reach higher success.

One cannot win it all on the pitch but yes, how you manage the results will certainly decide about the next one. One of the important aspects is of knowing how to handle constantly changing situations. At India Rush SC, we prefer our players experience changes to learn how to deal with them. Let us say the challenging situation has presented itself just like the one our 1st Div players had to face. Last minute changes, different players, changed strategy but the same passion and the same purpose. Result the players have learned to succeed and not to be subjective and complain. Similarly, how do players deal with a change of guard, the coach is replaced by the club. Are the players able to deal with it objectively that the passion and purpose of the club are unchanged or throw tantrums, don’t show up for the match, leave the club and bicker about?

A lot depends on the coach too, has he/she molded the team to deal with challenges objectively, or has the coach too unable to manage the change. If so, it is obvious the player won’t learn and it will rub off with their parents too. It is a reality check, will the players have to play under different coaches in their lifetime or even one season, the answer is emphatic yes. The players who are able to manage the changing situation will have learned the values of Unity and Respect without tarnishing others.  

We have seen it all, players, coaches, and parents too. Just as the decision to join the school is not based on the knowledge that one teacher won’t be teaching the entire subject throughout the 10 years, it’s the same at the Football Academy too. The faster one learns to manage the changing situation; the journey will merge with the goal resulting in success. At India Rush, we are adapted to managing changes.


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